Able to power a multi-platinum, Grammy-worthy performance or the most anticipated sporting event of the year, our platform is always ready for showtime.

Changing The Game

As dedicated sports fans, we don’t want to miss a play. And with Hook’d, stadiums across North America are working to deliver better, fan-first experiences. Our network supports several types of users running multiple applications and is able to differentiate services, so tens of thousands of fans viewing instant replays don’t interfere with critical applications like ticketing, digital signage, and stadium security.

Audience Participation – Encouraged

Helping power merchandise sales or viral videos, Hook’d engages concert-goers, vendors, and musicians through connectivity. With multiple layers of dedicated coverage, everyone has fast, secure access to what’s most important to them – live Instagram stories, food and beverage inventory, or updates to the set list.

And our high-powered amplifiers and high-performance antennas extend coverage throughout even the largest of stadiums, with stronger, more reliable connections for the fist-pumping, lyric-shouting fan in all of us.

Pump It Up

Proud partner of touchdowns, home runs, and standing ovations

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The All-Star Experience

The All-Star Experience

From the press box to the parking lot, our multi-band APs automatically assign every device to the fastest band available. With patented features dramatically boosting connectivity and performance, Hook'd's tech was designed to support mixed mode environments – so no matter what device it is or what frequency it’s operating on, our solution maximizes the available channel capacity and frequencies to ensure the greatest, fastest coverage possible.

A Winning Record

A state-of-the-art stadium needs a connectivity solution that provides the necessary coverage, capacity, secure access, and simple, centralized management that ultra-high-density deployments require. With Hook’d, you can rest assured that our technology can securely maintain maximum signal quality for tens of thousands of users and support multiple service levels and coverages – even within the same area. True multi-layer connectivity for the win.

A Winning Record