Above wing, below wing, or right next to the wing, connectivity is crucial, and we make sure pilots, personnel, and passengers are connected.

The Sky’s The Limit

For aviators, few things matter more than security, and our stable, secure network offers just that. Enabling communication amongst several disparate systems and allowing users with the appropriate access controls to better communicate with and manage mission-critical systems, Hook’d is helping planes fly smarter and airlines perform better.

Air Traffic Control

On the ground or in the air, our solution powers some of the most reliable radar and air traffic control systems.

Navigational Aid

A cornerstone of aviation, navigational aids have evolved with the passage of time. So has our network.

The Skys The Limit

Fly The Connected Skies

As passengers, we expect seamless high-capacity wireless services to stream videos while waiting at the gate and airport-wide connectivity to reach friends and family upon arrival. As tech nerds, we know the constant motion and high-density traffic of an airport can be challenging – but we’ve engineered a solution that can withstand the rigors of even the most complicated air travel environment.

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Fly The WiFi Skies
Too Beautiful, Too Wonderful, Not At All Distant

Too Beautiful, Too Wonderful, Not At All Distant

We’ve come a long way since Charles Lindberg took to the skies. From inflight entertainment to smart systems that manage passenger manifests and luggage location, technology has unequivocally changed air travel. As the next innovator in aviation, we’re proud to power some of the most complex connectivity systems on Earth.

How We Do It

Above & Beyond

Our proprietary telecommunications platform boasts some of the world's most stable, secure, and scalable wireless connectivity technologies. And we've gone above and beyond to engineer our platform from the back forward, so the total available capacity is consistent – from the backend of the systems to the smartphone in your hand.

Visibility Greater Than 5,000 And 5

Connectivity is best when there are no obstacles to hinder performance. But as experienced aviators know, conditions are seldom perfect. With antenna coverage and penetration unmatched in the industry, our multi-polarized antennas can go the extra mile, penetrating obstacles with minimal signal degradation. Because even when visibility is unrivaled, it helps to file a flight plan.