Efficient public lighting, improved air quality, clean water, reliable power, and dynamic public safety programs – all components of the smart cities we help create.

City Life – Brought To Life

City Life – Brought To Life

Our wireless technology does more than connect people to social media – it empowers cities to be more efficient, prosperous, and secure. Our Access Points (APs) can power, automate, and optimize lighting and power facilities, water distribution and management systems, public transportation, and other civic systems connected to the grid.

With access to actionable city-wide data, lowering civic costs, increasing departmental efficiencies, driving economic growth, and improving city life has never been easier.

Smart Cities Worldwide By 2025

Increase In Global Energy Demand By 2040

Billion In Annual Savings With Smart Transport Systems

Percent Of World’s Population Living In Urban Areas By 2050

QoS Meets QoL

Not all network traffic is equal – critical devices and applications need to be prioritized to avoid errors and latency issues and to ensure optimal performance. That’s where our network’s Quality of Service (QoS) comes in. Our technology is able to differentiate traffic types and hierarchize them to help high-priority applications run reliably. And when intelligent systems are designed for the needs of a city, that improves everyone’s QoL (Quality of Life).

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Water, Concrete, Steel – Oh, My!

Our proprietary connectivity technology works well under pressure – or under hundreds of feet of sedimentary rock. WiFi works best when the line of sight (LOS) between transmitting and receiving antennas is unobstructed by things like buildings, walls, or trees. We know such empty environments are few and far between, especially in a city. So, we engineered a connectivity solution that can handle the challenges and demands of today. It’s WiFi for the real world.


Safety First

When it comes to public safety networks, high deployment costs make networks expensive to deploy and maintain, and user capacity issues result in limited functionality. With Hook’d, deploying cost-effective, secure, and manageable wireless networks makes it easier for first responders to use voice, video, and data applications out in the field.

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Going The Distance

We know what it means to go the distance – our APs do, too. Able to broadcast signal thousands of feet, one AP is able to handle thousands of concurrent users, adapt to rapid bandwidth changes, and withstand life in the bone-chilling cold or sweltering heat. That means more devices and applications able to connect, fewer APs needed per city block, and fewer administrative headaches.

Our Mission

Savings That Make Cents

Local governments are being forced to do more with less. With budget cuts and shrinking revenues, it’s challenging to improve public safety programs while also addressing increasing energy demands and aging infrastructure. But few initiatives make as much financial sense as a smart city. From tangible gains in economic growth and natural resource management to more “human” gains in productivity and quality of life, smart cities save.

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Smart city, smart WiFi – one block at a time

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Implementing an all-encompassing, ubiquitous connectivity solution accessible to people city-wide helps power research papers, emergency alerts, digital news content, family video chats, and the next great apartment hunt. It's everything needed for the people who call your city “home.”

Citizens Of The World