From fairgrounds to fairways, there’s a Hook’d solution for every industry. Because we know reliable connectivity means business – for every business.

Pick A Model. Any Model.

Whether it’s four-wheeling through the desert or securely affixed to the top of the Empire State Building, Hook’d is whatever you need it to be.

Rolling Stone

You never know where business might take you. From the back nine to a tradeshow in Wichita, you have access to a connectivity solution that doesn’t stand still.

Ingeniously Installed

Unlike mesh solutions that won’t scale, our installed access points provision radio frequency signals that can extend for miles.

Best Of Both Worlds

Need a solution that can be both mobile and fixed? We’ve got you covered. Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service model is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Pick A Model. Any Model.

Hook’d At Work

With Hook’d, you’re getting more than the greatest connectivity platform on the market – you’re getting access to detailed analytics, new revenue streams, and a team of nerds willing to do whatever it takes to make connectivity happen. Because we’re driven (literally).

Decades of Experience

Decades of Experience. Unparalleled Expertise.

Hook’d is the culmination of decades of innovation, experience, and excellence in the telecommunications space. We’ve created a scalable wireless solution that provides an unmatched user experience. Our high-density, high-capacity solution is so reliable, so powerful, so easily deployed it practically runs itself.

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The Last Mile. For Every Mile.

Have to have a secure network that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to deploy? Perfect – Hook’d is cost-effective and exceeds some of the most robust security protocols in the industry. Need data, voice, and video? Makes sense – Hook’d provides high system capacity, coupled with low latency and high-speed broadband access across large geographic regions. Want thousands of concurrent users on a network? Of course – Hook’d provides the necessary coverage that ultra-high-density deployments require for thousands of users and bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications to be supported simultaneously.

It’s like no other telecommunication solution out there, because no other solution even comes close.

The Last Mile
Upward Mobility

Upward Mobility

Our patented system creates a secure, multi-layered wireless communications cloud that provides the capacity, bandwidth, and coverage a top-notch last-mile solution should have. So if you’re looking to efficiently expand broadband services or offload data traffic on congested networks, we can get you all Hook’d up.

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Remote? Access.

Some environments aren’t the most WiFi hospitable. That’s why Hook’d is making some serious waves – our solution offers the coverage, reliability, penetration, and density capacity that others lack. And our backend operating systems give access to real-time analytics and system performance.

Now the middle of nowhere can feel like somewhere.

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