Here’s to living your dream and seeing your favorite band live. Here’s to late nights and best friends. Here’s to exploring the city. And here’s to getting all Hook’d up.

WiFi Reimagined

We didn’t start out trying to recreate the wheel – but with a lot of late nights of design work, development, testing, and incessant coffee drinking, we think you’ll like your experience with Hook’d. It’s one of the fastest, most secure, and reliable connectivity platforms on the market – it’s what a bunch of tech geeks would like to experience if they were browsing the internet.

So, no. We didn’t recreate the wheel. We recreated WiFi.

Hookd Feature

Our telecommunications technology helps power some of the industry’s most reliable WiFi connections. So in the middle of the last set, you know you’ll still be able to upload. #WiFifordays


If you’re familiar with telecommunications, you know it doesn’t take much to interfere with signal strength. That’s where our patented technology comes in – ain't no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough to keep us from getting WiFi to you.


A secure browsing experience is 148% better than an unsecure one according to, well, us. So go for it – visit Totally Cute Puppies or check your bank account before you let everyone know that that next round is on you.


Good WiFi is great – unless you can’t afford it. Our pricing plans are the most competitive in the industry and allow millions of users to utilize the world’s highest capacity communications satellite.

Talk Nerdy To Me

Talk Nerdy To Me

Our next generation WiFi is the best in the industry – we support 802.11ax, so you get WiFi speeds four times faster than with 802.11ac. And our high-performance ultra-wide-band adaptable antenna technology enables greater coverage, longer ranges, and better signal penetration. So you can satisfy your need for (WiFi) speed.

Work Hard, Play Hard – WiFi Harder

We’re not your average WiFi company. We believe in offering world-class WiFi at an entry-level price. We believe you should always be connected (if you want to be, of course). And we believe bigger is better – at least when it comes to bandwidth. Because we’re taking connectivity to a whole new level.

Work Hard, Play Hard

The Dream Team

Want something more than crazy-fast, amazing WiFi? Perhaps you should audition for our Dream Team – from sales to support, if you’re enthusiastic about what you do, we want to hear from you.


Where The Party’s At

In the freezing snow or the blistering sun, we’ll be there. And chances are, you’ve seen us around town. Great WiFi knows no bounds and we’re crossing lines (state lines, primarily).